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Each photo is special and different. To get a FREE, NO OBLIGATION quote for restoring and/or colourising your family treasure, please provide me with your photo and requirements by filling the form below.

Upload your photo(s)

Thank you for request. You will have your quote within 48h


Each photo is different and special. The condition of the photo, size and amount of detail will determine how long and consequently how much it will cost to restore and/or colorize your photo. 

The software and tools that I use are all “manually” utilized. In other words I don’t use quick filters or “one button click” apps to restore/colorize your photo. I treat each shade and nuance carefully and with great attention to detail. That is how I achieve my results which above all aim to look “natural”.


When I restore or colorize a photo I take extra care to conserve it's "antique texture" and feeling. My aim is for the photo to still look old but the people and objects on the photo to shine through. We often see photos restored "too much", with all textures, intricacies and nuances eliminated.


To give you an idea to colorize a single person, head and shoulders portrait, in good condition will cost about 40GBP/60USD/80AUD 

To colorize a group photo with several people will cost considerably more. The more people in the photo, the more it will cost. 

For example a FULL BODIED family of 5/6 portrait, in good condition will cost about 90GBP/140USD/180AUD

On the other hand, a family of 4 HEAD AND SHOULDERS portrait with a simple background and in good condition could cost only 60GBP/90USD/120AUD



These depend entirely on how long it will take me to bring the photo to a reasonable condition.

Whether you would like your photo restored, colorized or both, the best thing to do is to request a free, no obligation quote.

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